Powerful special model for particularly to farming and horse farms this articulated loader is driven from the back frame of the machine. Lifts up to 900kg to the height of 2,8m. 28hp diesel engine which allows max speed of 12km/h....



Avant 520 loader is one of the most versatile medium sized loaders and its compact dimensions and agile movement allow working in a large variety of environments. Due to the articulated structure of the machine the fuel consumptio...



We offer a versatile range of machines, specifically designed to save you time and money. Our machines come with a full range of labour saving attachments, enabling you to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Our machines are available in 3 sizes to suit the various applications with a full range of attachments such as: Lawnmowers, 4-in-1 Buckets , Augers, Flail Mowers, Muck Grabs, Pallet Forks, Road Sweepers, Rotavators, Snow Ploughs, Stump Grinders and Trenching attachments.